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Currency exchange price-list




  Tähis Ost Müük  
USD USD 1.1386 1.1095


RUB RUB 72.3180 68.1338


SEK SEK 10.6337 10.3717


NOK NOK 9.8308 9.5378


GBP GBP 0.9130 0.8842


All exchange rates

Maailmaturu hinnad

  Tähis Ost Müük  
EUR USD EUR - USD 1.1221 1.1217


EUR GBP EUR - GBP 0.8988 0.8986


EUR RUB EUR - RUB 70.7626 70.7253


Kõik maailmaturuhinnad

Cash currency exchange (Tallinn branches) 2 €
Cash currency exchange (outside of Tallinn) 3 €
Currency exchange with payment by debit card service charge 1% from the amount
Currency exchange with payment by credit card service charge 1.5% from the amount
Currency exchange with pay-in to account free of charge
Currency delivery to home address* free of charge

*Free delivery to home address applies to orders above 500 EUR and if confirmed 5 working days in advance before delivery. If an order is less than 500 EUR or delivery deadline is the next day from the order confirmation a charge applies in the amount of 9.50 EUR.

NB! When buying currency from Eurex normally you’ll receive a mixture of high and low denominations, depending on the availability of the currency and taking into account the amount of the deal. In case you want to buy specific banknotes a fee will apply according to our Exchange of banknotes and coins pricelist.