Currency exchange pricelist

Currency exchange fee (Tallinn branches)2 €
Currency exchange fee (outside of Tallinn)3 €
Currency exchange with pay-in to accountfree of charge
Currency exchange with payment by card service charge 2,5% from the amount + 1 €

NB! When buying currency from Eurex normally you’ll receive a mixture of high and low denominations, depending on the availability of the currency and taking into account the amount of the deal. In case you want to buy specific banknotes a fee will apply according to our Exchange of banknotes and coins pricelist. .

Payment Services MoneyGram

Provision of services as a Payment Agent of MoneyGram

Sending moneyaccording to MoneyGram price-list
Receiving moneyfree of charge
Cash handling fee3€

Muud teenused

Banknote exchange (EUR)0.4%, min 5 €
Exchange of banknotes to coins and vice versa (EUR)3,5%, min 5 €
Exchange of banknotes and coins (foreign)by agreement
Delivery charge of precious metal3€
Banknote control0.20 €/banknote
Currency rate protection7.50 €
Training covering the security elementsfrom 100,00 €

NB! Complete price list on site.