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MoneyGram transfers




  Tähis Ost Müük  
USD USD 1.1509 1.1208


RUB RUB 76.9436 72.6240


SEK SEK 10.4155 10.1135


NOK NOK 9.9403 9.6403


GBP GBP 0.8836 0.8549


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  Tähis Ost Müük  
EUR USD EUR - USD 1.1359 1.1358


EUR GBP EUR - GBP 0.8706 0.8705


EUR RUB EUR - RUB 75.2436 75.2240


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Quick money transfers MoneyGram

MoneyGram – is a quick and convenient way to receive and send money to MoneyGram offices in more than 200 countries.

In order to make a MoneyGram money transfer you will need a passport, ID card, driving licence or permission to reside. Neither the sender nor the receiver needs to open an account in order to make a money transfer. The receiver can get the money by going to any of MoneyGram offices all over the world and presenting one’s passport.

The money transfer takes 10-15 minutes. The receiver can get the money anywhere in the world within 10-15 minutes after the money has been sent.

How to send money with MoneyGram

  • Go to one of Eurex offices
  • Give the operator the information about the receiver (name, surname, receiver’s destination country)
  • Pay the operator money you want to send and the commission fee
  • The transfer can be made in EUR and USD
  • The operator will give you the money transfer code
  • You should give this code to the receiver

How to receive money with MoneyGram

Go to the MoneyGram office anyplace in the world; if you are in Estonia – visit one of Eurex offices.

Tell the operator the amount of the money transfer, transfer’s unique code and present your identification document (in Estonia the valid identification documents are: passport, ID card or permission to reside, driving licence).