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  Tähis Ost Müük  
USD USD 1.1309 1.1018


RUB RUB 73.7354 69.5511


SEK SEK 10.7666 10.5021


NOK NOK 9.8305 9.5405


GBP GBP 0.8785 0.8481


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  Tähis Ost Müük  
EUR USD EUR - USD 1.1147 1.1143


EUR GBP EUR - GBP 0.8650 0.8646


EUR RUB EUR - RUB 72.1854 72.1511


Kõik maailmaturuhinnad

  • Currency exchange price-list

    Cash currency exchange (Tallinn branches) 2 €
    Cash currency exchange (outside of Tallinn) 3 €
    Currency exchange with payment by debit card service charge 1% from the amount
    Currency exchange with payment by credit card service charge 1.5% from the amount
    Currency exchange with pay-in to account free of charge
    Currency delivery to home address* free of charge

    *Free delivery to home address applies to orders above 500 EUR and if confirmed 5 working days in advance before delivery. If an order is less than 500 EUR or delivery deadline is the next day from the order confirmation a charge applies in the amount of 9.50 EUR.

    NB! When buying currency from Eurex normally you’ll receive a mixture of high and low denominations, depending on the availability of the currency and taking into account the amount of the deal. In case you want to buy specific banknotes a fee will apply according to our Exchange of banknotes and coins pricelist. 


  • Payment Services/Cash Withdrawals

    Provision of services as a Payment Agent of TLVD&EasyPay
    Money Transfer and Currency Conversion/Cash Withdrawals
    - EUR, DKK, GBP, CHF, JPY, NOK, SEK, USD 0.35%, min 7.50 €
    - CAD, CZK, HUF, PLN, RUB 0.55%, min 7.50 €
    - Cancellation, amendment, recall of transaction 50 €
    - Cash handling fee 3 €
    Provision of services as a Payment Agent of MoneyGram
    Money Transfers
    - Sending money according to MoneyGram price-list
    - Receiving money free of charge
    - Cash handling fee 3 €

    1) Currency Conversion is carried out with applied market rate of a certain currency, i.e. currency rate applied to interbank operations (“interbank rate” or “mid-market rate”).
    2) This condition is applied if payment is made in cash or to Eurex Capital OÜ account in Swedbank. If you’d like to make a payment to another Eurex account, please contact Financial Markets Department to specify terms of service.
    3) Eurex executes transfer to an account specified by a client as a regular payment (if in EUR as a SEPA transfer) after client’s funds are transferred to Eurex’s account or fully payed in cash.
    4) Extra fee of 40 EUR is collected for express payment (express payment is always executed to receiver of “full amount”).
    5) TLVD&EasyPay legal person non-resident Client contract’s one-time service charge is 200 EUR and monthly fee is 30 EUR.

  • Payments

    European payment (1,2)
    - ordinary payment (3) 2.- €
    - express payment 23,00 €
    International payment (1,4)
    - ordinary payment 4,00 €
    - ordinary payment with no charges to beneficiary 18,00 €
    - urgent payment 10,00 €
    - urgent payment with no charges to beneficiary 23,00 €
    - express payment 25,00 €
    - express payment with no charges to beneficiary 40,00 €

    (1) If international payment is initiated in cash and payment amount exceeds 2000.- euros or it’s equivalent, a cash deposit fee will be added to the charge.

    (2) Payments in euros to Estonia, European Economic Area, Switzerland or Monaco; shared charges; the beneficiary account number must be in IBAN form; the beneficiary’s bank must have a correct BIC (if payment goes outside Estonia). Beneficiary will receive the money within two banking days.

    (3) Free of charge, if the payment is preceded by a currency exchange deal and the currency exchange deal’s amount exceeds 2000.- euros or it’s equivalent.

    (4) Payments in foreign currencies or payments in euros to outside the European Economic Area, Switzerland or Monaco.


  • Other services

    Currency rate protection 7,50 €
    Training covering the security elements from 100,00 €
    Banknote exchange (EUR) 0.4%, min 5 €
    Exchange of banknotes to coins and vice versa (EUR) 3%, min 5 €
    Exchange of banknotes and coins (foreign) by agreement
    Banknote control 0.20 €/banknote
  • Souvenir money prices

  • Gold coins


    Numismatic gold coins Weight Price in EUR
    Estonian Song and Dance Festivals 7,78 g 395,00 €