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  Tähis Ost Müük  
USD USD 1.1095 1.0776


RUB RUB 73.1432 68.6832


SEK SEK 10.6800 10.4369


NOK NOK 10.4106 10.1483


GBP GBP 0.8570 0.8324


All exchange rates

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  Tähis Ost Müük  
EUR USD EUR - USD 1.0945 1.0941


EUR GBP EUR - GBP 0.8458 0.8454


EUR RUB EUR - RUB 71.8672 71.8582


Kõik maailmaturuhinnad

  • Currency exchange price-list

    Cash currency exchange (Tallinn branches) 2 €
    Cash currency exchange (outside of Tallinn) 3 €
    Currency exchange with payment by debit card service charge 1% from the amount
    Currency exchange with payment by credit card service charge 1.5% from the amount
    Currency exchange with pay-in to account free of charge

    NB! When buying currency from Eurex normally you’ll receive a mixture of high and low denominations, depending on the availability of the currency and taking into account the amount of the deal. In case you want to buy specific banknotes a fee will apply according to our Exchange of banknotes and coins pricelist. 


  • Payment Services MoneyGram

    Provision of services as a Payment Agent of MoneyGram
    Money Transfers
    - Sending money according to MoneyGram price-list
    - Receiving money free of charge
    - Cash handling fee 3 €
  • Other services

    Currency rate protection 7,50 €
    Training covering the security elements from 100,00 €
    Banknote exchange (EUR) 0.4%, min 5 €
    Exchange of banknotes to coins and vice versa (EUR) 3%, min 5 €
    Exchange of banknotes and coins (foreign) by agreement
    Banknote control 0.20 €/banknote
    Delivery charge of precious metal 3 €